As you may know, there is no Isny Rally this year due to a huge Factory Hall extension, almost doubling the present size. This will effect the two year cycle, thus we are informed the next Isny Rally should be in 2019, if we are fortunate enough to be invited.

I am trying to arrange a Rally for us in France early in May 2018 in the Perigord national park, at a site called Chateau Le Verdoyer. I am Looking for seriously interested folks, then we can book our space and get the trip arrangements sorted.

My local knowledge of France is Calais and turn left, hence I will be one of the first looking for route guidance on the way down to the Dordogne. So please click on the link below to view the fine detail and drop me an email with your basic details and I will get the ball rolling, particularly if we can muster the 24 vans maximum for this tour.

Chateau Le Verdoyer – Members Only Information