Many of us either “tunnel out” late and spend the rest of the night in Cite Europe with the chance of an early start or “shopping” before we set off , or, spend the afternoon , evening shopping then stay the night for an early return “tunnel home” crossing .

“So whats new” I hear you say. Well it looks as though cars, caravans and Motorhomes are being broken into and having trade-able valuables and all sorts shapes and sizes of clothing taken , whilst YOU go shopping , and other legal travellers are reporting their doors and lockers being tested whilst they are inside day and night !!

As a result, despite the Motorhome area being overlooked by the Police Station, the previously reliable stop over is not any more , day or night. Hence , ( to be confirmed if its the Police or Council) there has been no overnight parking at Cite Europe for a few months now from 10pm .

You will be guided to an area by Lidl (?) which is quite nearby, but I have not had any first hand accounts of how suitable it is or its practicality .

Hopefully the situation will change once the Migrant problem settles down again , but in the mean time, I must circulate this warning , even knowing many may have seen this via social media etc. Chris