Well, it’s official, Dethleffs are great!! And this award can do no harm to our resales values

British magazine “Practical Motorhome” awards “Owner Satisfaction Awards” – Dethleffs Gold Award for used vehicles and silver awards for new vehicles. The readers of the British magazine “Practical Motorhome” have voted on the satisfaction with their Motorhome acquired since 2010.

Silver went for the category “Best new vehicles.”

We are very proud of these awards. This award comes from absolute professionals – namely our customers who test our vehicles in each of their camping vacations

  • October 2013: Dethleffs GlobeBus I4 wins Overall Motorhome of the Year 2014 for Practical Motorhome Magazine.
  • Sunlight T64 wins Practical Motorhome’s Best Budget Motorhome for 2014.
  • Dethleffs also won several ‘Customer is King’ awards for 2014.
  • EVAN won the German award for most innovative motorhome 2014.
  • Late April 2013: Dethleffs Owners Website has just been upgraded to allow logging in and members’ area, document download and online joining but we have a few snags/bugs. Please bear with us for the next week or so.

Evan Compact Class A Motorhome

Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG, an RV manufacturer based in Isny im Allgäuin in south-eastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, has unveiled a ground breaking concept Class A motorhome called “The Evan” which is a mere 5.65 metres long and 2.15 metres wide.

Interior of Evan Compact Class A Motorhome

“I’ve long been convinced that the time is ripe for a new vehicle concept. A flexible compact vehicle that combines the benefits of a variety of different motorhomes” said Dethleffs designer Michael Studer on the company’s Facebook page.

The 2014 Insurance Shortlist is now available to current year members.

I shall be emailing it out to 2014 members and if you need it urgently please ask by replying to this email. This year members have individually saved as much as £340 pa by using our guidance list. We make nothing from it but we can all save and continue to recommend ONLY quality providers that you recommend to me. Together we are strong.

Current year members can now order parts through the club and save 5%.

Current year members can now order parts through the club and save 5%. If you, like me, have scuffed your rear lights panel or you need a tap or a window or even a new decal or body part……… I can now get these for you. If you need a part or original parts to keep your Dethleffs in ‘as new’ condition, I need your membership number, VIN code/chassis number plus a couple of medium sized photos of the part plus a description. Please put ‘Parts’ in the subject line and email me at dethleffsownersATgooglemail.com.

Dethleffs Help has now changed.

Steve Carding has now left to pursue a new business with electric bikes and scooters and we wish him well. I am taking up the reins with the help of a small panel of experts. If you have any technical questions we will email back by return our best suggested solutions. We can also get parts expressed out to you when you are on tour.

This is a unique service for current year members and I cannot stress enough how useful it is when abroad to have an english speaking expert to help quickly. Email to dethleffsowners@googlemail.com with ‘Dethleffs Help’ in the subject line. You must be a current year member to use this. This year we have helped over 150 members including sending windscreens out to France and helped to keep beer cool when in Spain.

Repeat / Standing Order System

I have been asked by a few of you to set up a repeat/standing order system for rejoining. Could you bear with me” If you know you want to join for two,three or five years you could indicate this and send the fees through as usual. I am considering a big change to the website but we have been quoted £2,500 to change which is out of the question. Any experts out there please get in touch…..

Annual Weekend at Pentecost Factory

Dethleffs have indicated that they are probably going to offer the annual weekend at Pentecost factory weekend as usual (Fabulous fun). If you wish to include this weekend in a tour please let me know. The total cost per person is £120. Photo’s below just give a ‘flavour’ of 2011 Factory Trip. We won the ‘Olympics’!!

For Sale and Wanted

We have sold ten vehicles for members via the ‘For Sale and Wanted’ page this year. This is FREE to current year members and our for sale page always comes high on Google.
I have several people looking for different Dethleffs (WANTED). If you are about to change van please let me know by email and I may be able to place yours.

Door Catches

Door catches seem to be requested regularly and I have secured a FREE supply from Dethleffs. Email to ask for yours (I may need a bit towards postage”)

Draining Down

Draining down (I have made mistakes in the past so don’t worry!):  Cold water system is dealt with by unscrewing the big red plastic screw on top of the fresh water tank (Under the rear travel seats on the T63).

You can then reach to the bottom of the tank and you will find some sort of drain plug which you remove. Grey waste tank is drained as usual using the angles ‘key’ on the square rod behind the NS rear tyre.

Warm water is drained out by lifting the bed top and reaching down the side where you have two large access points to the boiler where you will find the red frost protect valve which should be up normally and you need to push the red button down. Then switch your taps on with them set to half way (warm) until you get no water (Obviously do the same flushing your loo as it too comes from the fresh water tank.)then switch off your 12v so that the pump stops. This should prevent droplets of water from cracking your taps.