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!! Check if Your Van Meets the London Emission Zone LEZ

!! Check if Your Van Meets the London Emission Zone LEZ


We have a Detthleffs RT 6844 from early 2006 with a 3L  Renault Diesel engine.

We recently had a great trip to the Caravan Club site at Crystal Palace and had planned to return
next year, however I was suprised to learn that according to the information available regarding
the London Emission Zone. the vehicle is 'non compliant' from 3rd January.

I am not 100% sure, but I understand that if the vehicle had been registered just a few months later it would be compliant,
and I would be suprised if a vehicle just a few months apart would have any emission differences.
Are there any other members who have this issue or  any information, which may help me to challenge this,
as the cost involved in becoming compliant, is  far too expensive for 1 or 2 trips into London.

It seems odd for the powers that be  to penalise the relatively few leisure vehicle / motorhomes entering the zone
when a lot of commercial vehicles, older than mine are compliant.

Are you able to circulate this message ?

Website to see if your vehicle is affected

Best regards

Stephen Kenny

. Wonderful Dethleffs Premium Liner at Pullingers

.   Wonderful Dethleffs Premium Liner at Pullingers

Barry and Jane Pullinger of Pullingers Leisure Vehicles have got the first Dethleffs Premium Liner to enter the UK. They are replacing another Dethleffs motorhome and they will use it to support a raceteam. 

The Premium Liner is the pinnacle of the Dethleffs range and has only been available in Europe until now. This will compare with Carthago and the US RV's.

Contact Pullingers to view.

...Steve Carding at Towtal wins 2009 DOC Award

...Steve Carding at Towtal wins 2009 DOC Award

We have great pleasure in announcing that Steve Carding has retained his DOC Award for After-Sales Service. He moved to TowTal from LeisureTimes caravans and offers service and full-warranty work on all Dethleffs and Sunlight/Eurostyle models ( Motorhome and caravan).

Steve is a perfectionist and deserves this award for his consistent streamof testimonials and recommendations from members.

We NEVER recommend anything that hasn't been recommended by members.

..Globico is Modular Motorhome and Caravan From Dethleffs

..Globico is Modular Motorhome and Caravan From Dethleffs

Dethleffs have just launched a revolutionary upgradable Motorhome and caravan system at Dusseldorf.

Called Globico, you can specify a basic, sparse but well made vehicle and add modules to it over time.

This will suit families which start as a couple and then need extra beds etc or it can be DIY-Changed by buying modules.

Much cheaper to start with and sort of recyclable...You could trade your modules on eBay and change a two berth van to a four and back again!

Campervan Picture Library Needs YOUR Pics !!

Campervan Picture Library Needs YOUR Pics !!

A new CamperVan picture library has been started by Colin Dunn.

I have sent some photos in but I wonder whether you want to send some of your own in, to'fill out' the Dethleffs   part.

Campy Can Be Towed By Youngsters!

Campy Can Be Towed By Youngsters!

The fabulous Dethleffs Campy is exclusive to Lowdham Leisureworld The Campy is under 750kg and can be towed by those with a new licence. It has real personality and can give cheap and very cheerful caravanning to young families. Four berths and LOTS of FUN !!!

If you know a youngster (or an oldster!) who wants to try towing, call Lowdhams on 0115 966 3838


Dethleffs Owner is manager of Top Aviemore Site

Dethleffs Owner is manager of Top Aviemore Site

Sir David Attenborough has described Rothiemurchus Estate in the Cairngorm National Park as:

'Rothiemurchus is one of the glories of wild Scotland'

We are managers of a campsite on Rothiemurchus Estate in the Cairngorm National Park, an area renowned for its skiing, cycling and walking as well as wildlife watching etc. The site is located in the forest at the start of many cycling and walking trails and wondered if the club would be interested in a rally or even special rates for members. We have held events here for the ICC and Bessacarr owners clubs so would be pleased to help if we can.

Dave Stables


Campsite Manager,

Rothiemurchus Camp and Caravan Park,


Nr. Aviemore,

PH22 1QU


tel / fax 01479 812 800

mobile; 07776 194 738

Dethleffs Unveil New Concept Vehicle EVan

 Dethleffs unveils the ‘Evan’ compact Class A motorhome
Feb 22, 2012 - 8:20 PM - by ScotJimland
ScotJimland's Avatar

Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG, an RV manufacturer based in Isny im Allgäuin in south-eastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, has unveiled a ground breaking concept Class A motorhome called “The Evan” which is a mere 5.65 metres long and 2.15 metres wide. "I've long been convinced that the time is ripe for a new vehicle concept. A flexible compact vehicle that combines the benefits of a variety of different motorhomes” said Dethleffs designer Michael Studer on the company’s Facebook page.

Dethleffs Win a Trio of Awards in 2010

Dethleffs Win a Trio of Awards in 2010 The positive trend of the past model year is reflected in Dethleffs not only in the form of rising production and sales, but also by the many inter ¬ national awards. Dethleffs could look forward to in the last few months almost on a plethora of awards. Only this month the Allgäuer manufacturer of recreational vehicles for the third consecutive time overall winner of the King-Customer Awards. With the first places in five categories, including "customer orientation", "comfort" and "service" to Dethleffs took the lead in the competitive environment. With the "King Customer Award" is in the motorhome market a recording is performed to the satisfaction of vehicle owners. These have to be readers of the prestigious International magazines motorhome and camping cars and caravans, which have even a recreational vehicle. This makes it possible to represent the position of the main suppliers in relation to the relevant competitors. Main winner is the motor home manufacturer, achieved in all rating categories, the best finish. The Hobby is now succeeded for the third consecutive time. "We are absolutely overwhelmed by this sensational result," says CEO Thomas Dethleffs Fritz. "We are extremely proud that our readers have voted three times for their favorites. This shows once again that Dethleffs are customers compared to customers of other manufacturers to do the most satisfied with the `actual` friend of the family. " Fritz continued: "If I get me the number of awards in recent years Dethleffs look, so a clear trend of the brand is seen Dethleffs up. I am often asked for our recipe for success. My answer: Dethleffs combines innovation, practical functionality and 80 years of experience perfectly. That we succeed so successful, we have especially our employees, but also to all clients and caravans and motor home owners thanks to the support Dethleffs development work for years a reality. " Other awards in recent months: "Design & Drive Award" (England) In June Dethleffs won first place in the category of "Integrated under 72 000 pounds" with the Globebus I 5 in UK in the "Design & Drive Award". This is drawing from ¬ awarded each year by the British "Caravan Club Motor Caravan". "Motorhome of the Year" For the 24th Sometimes called the German magazine promobil in March and April on his readers to choose from over 300 motorhomes their personal favorites. This promobil lists each year to a large catalog of all mobile homes clearly divided into categories in which they actually compete in the market. Over 20,000 readers took part in the election for "Motorhome of the Year 2010". Dethleffs was able to secure this year in three categories, the coveted title seven times and landed on the podium. Overall, 14 Dethleffs vehicles, see the "Top Ten". Award of the Fair in Lillestrom (Norway) Every year the Norwegian Caravan magazine an award for most innovative caravan at the show in Lillestrøm. Last year was the Dethleffs Aero Style pleased about this title. The reason given is to the magazine, "Hymer had with the Aero style created a touring caravan with innovative design and the future made by the selection of floor plans with families in the center of attention. Through its aerodynamic design combined with the extroverted design is the highlight of the Aero Style exhibition was thus worthy winner of the Innovation Award this year. "The Sports Fair in Lillestrøm is one of the most important trade fairs in Scandinavia.

DOC Insurance Survey Saves Members Upto £340

DOC Insurance Survey Saves Members  Upto £340

Dethleffs Owners Club have conducted a survey of over 100 members' insurance costs and policy details.

Over 180 have contributed to the 2010 'People-Power' DOC Insurance Survey. If you are paying more than £106 pa to insure your motorhome or £155 to insure your caravan you can save. We are not insurance experts and we do not have any connections to, or take money from, any insurers. However, we do own a Dethleffs caravan and motorhome and we have noticed that many insurers load against European manufacturers. Personally, we have saved over £400 pa on our motorhome insurance with the 2008 survey onwards. Some, however, do not. Here is a list of four to try first for motorhomers and five to try first for caravan-owners. Most of these are very well established and reputable, but one I have not heard of before (Caravan Insurance 4 You) and you should exercise your normal caution. Please be aware also that SafeGuard is currently price-matching (although they are not publicising this fact) and you should try them to get them to match your best quote also. If you save money, please let me know, it makes it all worthwhile. Can YOU save a packet?

Picture shows damage to a member's van. This was re-built by Lowdham LeisureWorld

Gold for Dethleffs Girl Power Motorhome

Gold for Dethleffs Girl Power Motorhome

Gold for Dethleffs ‘Girl Power’ Motorhome

200.000 readers of the German Newspaper ‘Bild am Sonntag’ award ‘The Golden Steering Wheel’ to Dethleffs Esprit H 6870

This year the internationally treasured prize was awarded to Dethleffs in the category ‘Motorhomes’.

291.000 readers of the ‘Bild am Sonntag’ have participated in the voting and nominated the Esprit H 6870 as their favourite motorhome.

‘We are really pleased to receive this award’, said Thomas Fritz, managing director of Dethleffs GmbH in Isny, Germany.

‘Being the readers’ favourite shows us that we made the correct decision by choosing customer oriented solutions for motorhomes, understood the actual trend and followed our entitlement being the Friend of the Family more than ever.’

The winning layout is based on the famous ‘Girl Power’ concept vehicle and benefits from practical solutions like a smart kitchen including variable glass lid for hob and sink, large drawers, a modern double floor for optimal winterisation and abundant storage space.

However the new motorhome made by the inventor of the caravan in Germany and today’s biggest motorhome manufacturer does not only offer innovative functionalities but also combines high expectations with a modern design.

After successful company development throughout the last few years and numerous awards of national as well as international trade publications, the ‘Golden Steering Wheel Award’ represents the coronation for Dethleffs.

Great PR for Oldest Dethleffs Quest

Great PR for Oldest Dethleffs Quest

The DOC search for the oldest Dethleffs has reaped great results in the press.

Twelve publications have published our quest. The picture below is in the November Practical Caravan.This is obviously good news for Dethleffs Owners as we need to make the general public aware of the extraordinary Dethleffs Quality and longevity. This awareness helps ALL of us to resell at higher values and reduces the cost of our adventures..A real Win/Win.

Search launched for oldest Dethleffs

THE search is on for the oldest Dethleffs model still in use.

Richard and Jane Olphin, who took over and revamped the Dethleffs Owners Club website in August, want to find the oldest model so they can feature it on the site.

The Staffordshire-based couple have added new features to the site but now want to find vintage models to demonstrate the longevity of the German vehicles.

But they admit that finding the oldest will be no easy task as Dethleffs started manufacturing motorhomes and caravans in 1931.

The oldest model they have found so far is a 1979 Pirat model.

Mr Olphin said: “Jane and myself are passionate about caravanning and very big fans of the Dethleffs motorhomes. We own a six-berth A642, which has taken us to some fantastic places.

“We know our search for the oldest model won’t be easy, but we thought it would be a fun way to encourage some debate on the site. So far the oldest we’ve found is a 1979 Pirat model.”

Anyone wanting to contact Mr and Mrs Olphin can do so via the website, at, or email

Members Save on Solar Panel Deal

Members Save on Solar Panel Deal

One of our members has recommended Stone Solar for Solar Panels and specialist batteries etc. They had a system fitted and it has performed well and saved a lot of money.

They have a special deal on which will save members over £200 on the same product a year ago!!

Click here to visit.

120 watt polycrystalline solar panels Steca solar controller Cable Solar Panel Mount Kit Sikaflex adhesive Instructions Waterproof cable gland (for roof or walls) Cut price inverters and batteries also available. All for only £595 (inc. vat & UK postage) Special Autumn/Winter Offer now only £385 (inc. vat & UK postage) Phone 00 44 (0)1538-387071 to order yours now.

Older News 2008 DOC Awards Winners Named

Older News 2008 DOC Awards Winners Named Full Results of 2008 Awards by the Dethleffs Owners Club.

An owners club is the organisation that learns how different dealers treat their customers AFTER they have taken their money. We learn who is good and who is not. Which dealers really value their customers long term and those who just say that they do.

It is for that reason that I am delighted, as Chairman of the Dethleffs Owners Club, to award our 2008 'Motorhome Dealer of the Year' trophy to the excellent team at Lowdham Leisureworld Nottingham, headed by Steve Sharpe.

Equally delightful is the Award '2008 Caravan Dealer of the Year' for exceptional after-sales service with Dethleffs caravans to Leisuretimes Caravans of Stoke on Trent. Steve Carding has repeatedly gone the extra mile without being asked or even knowing that we were watching. Exceptional.

Highly Commended Trophies will be awarded to:
Motorhomes: Pullingers Leisure Vehicles for high quality customer care
Caravans: Grantham Caravans for high quality customer care

The trophies will be awarded at 10am Tuesday 14th October on the Dethleffs stand at the NEC and will be available to your organisation to display on your stand. I shall be showing a duplicate on our membership desk on the main Dethleffs stand for the duration of the show.

It is important for all dealers to be aware that after sales service builds long term customer bases and that certain organisations NOTICE how their members are treated after a major purchase.

Well Done!

TowTal Gives 5% Discount to DOC members

TowTal Gives 5% Discount to DOC members

Stop Press !

TowTal, the leaders in car and caravan towing equipment and accessories have offered DOC members a 5% discount on production of your DOC membership number.

This alone easily covers your membership cost. Ask for Will Barks and tell him your DOC membership cryptic number.

Vicarious Books Give 5% Discount to DOC Members

Vicarious Books Give 5% Discount to DOC Members

""""We saw them at the York Show. Very nice people with a wealth of travelling/ motorhoming experience in Europe.

Living life vicariously (as if I need to tell DOC members!) means that one lives through another person, not taking the actual risks. Their Go Motorhoming Europe and Haynes Manuals are great. And you get a discount if you are a member.

World Record Set With Dethleffs Caravans: Caravan Magazine

Dethleffs caravan man set world record

  • Monday, 4 August 2008

Dethleffs Rally Nomad 540

Dethleffs Rally Nomad 540

Dethleffs caravans helped a man from Cologne set a world record last week when he towed 16 tourers with a Toyota. We were amazed....

How many caravans can be towed by one car? The answer to this until very recently was 15, a record made by Dutchman Ad Dekkers two years ago.

But one man decided to beat it, and enlisted the help of German caravan manufacturers Dethleffs. The company allowed Jan Pollnow to chain together 16 Dethleff Camper caravans and attach them to the towbar of his Toyota Auris. Each caravan weighed in at 1100kg. In front of the Dethleffs factory, Jan managed to tow the 16 tourers 100 metres, and now holds the world record!

We suggest you don't try this at home.

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