Firstly, a very heartfelt “ thank you “ to Wendy for all her help with the preparations and subsequent assistance and shepherding over the weekend.  We think we have the format right after five previous attempts and look forward to many more such meetings with like minded people. Next, of course, a huge Thank You to you all for your donations via the collection tins, we raised £300 to be shared between Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and Anthony Nolan Leukaemia. Just as an aside, did you know that it was Pancreatic Cancer that took Steve Jobs (who? He was the Founder of Apple). Much appreciated donations of cakes and biscuits!!. There is a rumour that there is a Deffy Rally nearby, just follow the signs.

Dethleffs Follow The Signs

Once again the Deffy”s re grouped at Cadnam for a weekend of good old fashioned fun. This time we had a new challenge in the form of a new marquee. Bob and Phil soon took over the reins as Wendy and I had to attend a funeral, but by two thirty we were back on site and the New construction took place.

Friday was mainly dry and the evening was preceded with an impromptu barbecue of lamb chops, sausages, mushrooms and roast peppers. Thanks to Derek and crew. Then the evening involved lots of catch up, and future plans and of course “ has Isny 2018 been confirmed yet?”

Marquee Tent Dethleffs Rally

The evening culminated with the arrival of a Deffy from Essex at 22:15. Well done to Tony and Paula, the field isn’t to easy to find in day light, let alone the dark.

Saturday morning duties involved confirming and collecting the Fish Supper orders, news paper requests, and checking all had settled in for the first night and welcome packs had been received. (Thanks Olesja). After a few more errands it was time for a decision on the long walk or not.  Thunderstorms were on the forecast ( and Horizon ) so the decision was made to put the kettle on and discuss the merits of the game of Molkky and of course a drop of tea and a choice of cake courtesy of Jacquie. – Sorry Pauline, we had to have something to assist the tea go down, but it wasn’t home made.

It turned out to be more like a demonstration of rain dodging as we managed a short walk and an introduction to the real forest for some and back in time for the Fish and chip delivery at 17:35.
More ‘après meal’ commenced and the tone was set when yet another innocent comment was taken out of context . It involved lighting the gas heaterand some plain straight forward advice from one ‘bloke’ to another!   Plus Sonia’s new craze of Dancing Vest Demonstration was a wild hit, and again popular with the ladies.

Sunday was greeted to some early sunshine and after a relaxing start to the day  the Deffer’s soon assembled to the now customary Big Brunch. Thanks Bob and Phill, splendid effort looking smart in their new pinnys. A mountain of bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and beans were cooked and dished up.

More rain dodging and the Recreation Centre being put to full use as its hours had been numbered waiting for a long enough dry period to pack it away dry. No chance and soon it was time for more Entertainment.  Isn’t it just the best sort of fun when you make it yourself among friends and thus Sunday became Monday.

Hey chaps, it was dry if you remember and we had a two hour window to dissemble the tent.  Again, a team effort and at such a time when packing up your own gear should be taking priority, all I can say is ‘thanks team’.  And despite the rain, no one needed assistance to move off the field.  Hope you all had a safe journey home a here’s to next time.

Dethleffs 2017 New Forest Rally

Chris & Wendy (can any one spot Wendy in the picture?)

Attached is a copy of the email from Pancreatic Cancer Research, I’m still awaiting for the Anthony Nolan receipt for £150.